Inductive Wand and IPG Transmission 3D Motion Characterization Software

Sterling Medical Devices participated in the development of 3D motion characterization turnkey software to record magnetic field data. This customized software tested the capabilities of an implanted pulse generator via an inductive wand using an XYZ table and a Gauss magnetic field measurement probe. Each of these devices was attached to the platform of the XYZ table connected to a popular PC API. The software moved the device with a user-defined 3D grid and collected the magnetic field data. The software collected the data in a conveniently accessible tabular format for lab research purposes. As a result, researchers could determine the maximum strength and total efficiency of the generator and inductive wand transmissions.

Sterling completed this project within a defined timeline and budget. Project managers collaborated with Sterling’s engineers daily. Every week, they discussed progress with the client. Given Sterling’s experience with automatic test systems, embedded devices, and software controls, Sterling was able to swiftly develop a comprehensive design architecture of the system for approval from the client. The team completed the development of the specific implementation of software features and testing while working with the client on-site. Before Sterling’s final release to the client’s quality testing team, they compiled a demo for feedback and updates. Sterling also provided a high-level design document, verification reports, and other software materials upon completion of the project.

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