Webinar Series: Medical Devices, Usability, and Human Factors

Medical Devices, Usability, and Human Factors: What you Need to Know

Usability is a must-have in the medical device industry. But are you perplexed about how to start incorporating usability into your development plan? Not to worry! Our three-part webinar series will walk you through the concept of usability step-by-step.  Whether you are just starting out in the medical device development field or looking for ways to improve your current design process, this series is a must-watch!

The three-part series includes:

  • Usability: Where to Start
  • Industrial Design Best Practices
  • Human Factors FDA Requirements

Why you should care about Usability and Human Factors

Product use errors are part of more than one third of device incidents reported to the FDA. That is why human factors studies are required for most medical device submissions. But beyond regulatory requirements, developing a device that is easy to use and developed with the user in mind will result in a device that users will enjoy working with.

If you start your development and then talk to end users, the probability of a redesign increases. If you fail summative testing, costs escalate, and timelines increase. Incorporating usability into your design plans early will lead to a better and safer product, reduced time to market, and reduce your capital burden.

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