AdvantagePFA™ is a leading edge development platform that can be customized for your Pulsed Field Ablation application. The AdvantagePFA™ platform provides highly configurable Pulsed Field Ablation technology to enhance preclinical development and to leverage for a custom clinical generator.

The AdvantagePFA™ platform offers all the benefits of Pulsed Field Ablation technology including nonthermal tissue death through application of high voltage. The platform allows for rapid configuration of output waveform parameters to meet your novel ablation device.

Explore our Pulsed Field Ablation Platform

From concept to market

Leveraging our AdvantagePFA™ Platform capabilities can get your technology to market up to 60% faster.

Leasable Research Generator

Access leasable systems for your feasibility studies, tailored to support your foundational system needs for pre-clinical investigations.

Custom Specifications

Determine your specifications for energy pulse waveforms, frequency, duration, and field strength based on your clinical needs.

Why Choose Vantage MedTech for your PFA project

Comprehensive services
Comprehensive services

Vantage MedTech provides comprehensive design and manufacturing services, supporting the advancement of medical technologies from concept through to product realization.

From start ups to large OEMs
From start ups to large OEMs

Partnering with the world’s most innovative MedTech start-ups and large OEMs, we offer feasibility support, product development and prototyping, clinical and commercial manufacturing, and after-market services to support every phase of the product life cycle.

Our Approach
Our Approach

Our manufacturing approach is structured to serve the changing needs of our clients, supporting small-quantity clinical or First-in-Human builds and can scale to accommodate full launch quantities.

Discover What Makes Vantage MedTech Stand Out

Our Vantage point is gained through our proprietary platforms, deep expertise in specific therapeutic areas, complete life cycle solutions and decades of experience, helping you see the way to success.

Get Your Pulsed Field Ablation System to Market Up to 60% Faster with AdvantagePFA™

Experience seamless end-to-end support with our comprehensive services and partnership throughout your journey, ensuring alignment of your goals from concept to manufacturing and beyond.

Rely on partners who can adapt to your needs, wherever you are in your journey

Our depth of expertise in specific clinical segments is strengthened by our dedicated team, refined processes, and specialized portfolio and proprietary platforms.

Years of experience
Specialized medical device engineers
Medical devices successfully developed
On time delivery
Experienced Partner

Reduce execution risk by working with a medical device software company known for over 1,600 medical devices successfully developed.

Advantage Platforms®

Leverage our proprietary platform architecture and reduce development timelines by up to 60%.

Expert Team Collaboration

Our in-house team of specialized engineers will bring your medical device from concept to reality with precision and care.