Gas and Fluid Management Systems

Let us help develop functionality your procedure needs to provide pressure, suction and fluid delivery or circulation. Need a head start? Explore the benefit of our platform GFM system

Our experience in Gas and Fluid Management spans broad applications.

Comprehensive GFM Devices
Comprehensive GFM Devices

Our platform GFM system is equipped with a comprehensive suite of features right from the start, simplifying and expediting the journey to market.

Peristaltic Pumps
Peristaltic Pumps

Integrating fluid delivery with your capital system can be accelerated by utilizing our proprietary peristaltic pump platform, AdvantageFD™.

Pump Controllers
Pump Controllers

Deliver a broad range of simple to advanced controls for flow or occlusion using a pump controller that works synergistically with your capital generator.

Surgical and Non-surgical Suction
Surgical and Non-surgical Suction

Explore use of suction devices to remove air, blood or other secretions during procedures or diagnostically.

Syringe Infusion Pumps
Syringe Infusion Pumps

Introduce infusion pumps for medication or other fluid delivery during a wide range of patient care needs.

GFM Software Solutions
GFM Software Solutions

Leverage our experience with embedded GFM related software to support in-vivo use as well as non-embedded software for needs such as database management and dosing.

The Advantage Platforms® Process

Explore how our proprietary platforms and our approach can expedite the journey to commercialization

  • Established hardware and software architecture
  • Broad range of platform base systems available
  • Customize based on your clinical specifications
  • Technologies to enhance performance and connectivity
  • Leaseable systems to support feasibility
  • Team of experts to support you each step of the way

Therapeutic Areas

Infectious Disease
Cardiovascular Health
Pain Management

Need to expedite a gas and fluid management system?

Let’s talk about how our Advantage GFM™ Platform can reduce your costs and help you get to market up to 60% faster.

Depth of expertise in specific clinical segments, reinforced by our people, processes, portfolio and proprietary platforms