AdvantageRE™ is a cutting-edge development platform that can be leveraged to derisk and accelerate the development of a fully customized Pulse Field Ablation generator.

The leasable AdvantageRE™ platform provides a highly configurable Pulsed Field Ablation generator to support bench top testing, determine proof of concept and refine your probe design.

During development, the existing architecture, documentation and testing of the platform can be leveraged to accelerate development of a fully customized generator while reducing risks associated with “from scratch” development.

Learn about our Reversible Electroporation Platform

Customizable IRE

Explore our platform designs to attain capabilities to meet 5kV, alongside adjustable pulse width settings, pulsing patterns, cardiac sync integration, and other cutting-edge solutions.

Waveform Determination

Rapidly change your RE waveforms parameters on an easy-to-use UI for real time configuration during pre-clinical development. Determining optimal waveform parameters provides a head start on your IRE product development.

Transition Into FIH

Take your pre-clinical RE waveform findings into your first in human system. Leverage platform designs to accelerate

Advanced Platform Capabilities

Utilize platform designs to achieve monophasic or biphasic energy output, adjustable pulse width settings, adjustable pulsing patterns, cardiac sync incorporation, and many more state-of-the-art solutions.

Turn your reversible electroporation project into a reality with AdvantageRE™.

Explore our Advantage Platforms® and learn how our technological building blocks can reduce product development timelines and costs by as much as 60%.

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Our depth of expertise in specific clinical segments is strengthened by our dedicated team, refined processes, and specialized portfolio and proprietary platforms.

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Reduce execution risk by working with a medical device software company known for over 1,600 devices successfully developed.

Advantage Platforms®

Leverage our proprietary platform architecture and reduce development timelines by up to 60%.

Expert Team Collaboration

Our in-house team of specialized engineers will bring your medical device from concept to reality with precision and care.