Privacy Policy

Reviewed and Reaffirmed October 27, 2016

Your online privacy is a priority and we are taking every effort to protect any personal information that you provide. This privacy policy has been created to answer any questions you may have regarding use of information collected and how information is being collected and protected.

What information is being collected at
We currently collect information that is entered from forms you fill out. Information is also collected from the server log files which are created during your visit.

How do we use log files to better serve you?
We use log files to assess the aggregate level of traffic to including what pages people are visiting, and to diagnose any potential problems with the Web site. This log file does contain an “Internet Protocol” or IP address that gives us insight on the general geographic area that visitors are coming from but not information on a specific individual. We do not use log files to track a particular individual’s use of

How is the information collected at used?
Under no circumstances will sell your information to third parties or any commercial entities.

Will this privacy policy change?
We reserve the right to revise or update this privacy policy at any time. While we do not intend to make any changes to this policy we do reserve the right to do so. If any changes to this privacy policy are made, the date that the revised or updated policy is posted to will appear on this page.