Sterling Medical Devices Achieves Sterling Software Quality With Coverity

Written by Chris Adlard, Courtesy of Coverity

Here follows a short blog about Medical Devices and Systems Leader, Sterling Medical Devices, and their development testing successes, led by Vice President of Engineering, Bruce Swope.

Sterling. A word that can either mean a type of high-quality, fortified silver used in table utensils and jewelry, or that describes the British Currency. In addition, it can also convey the sense of “thoroughly excellent”. Sterling Medical Devices fits, without question, into the latter category. Thoroughly excellent Medical Devices, categorized by high-quality software, driven by the company’s development testing efforts, partnering with Coverity. And in the case of Sterling Medical Devices – only the best will suffice.

Sterling Medical Devices specializes in the design, development and testing of medical devices and systems for its clients. The company consults with small and large medical device manufacturers, from the well-established to start ups, in order to develop and deliver highly reliable and safe medical devices.


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