Advanced Visualization Camera Control System

The Challenge

The client engaged Vantage MedTech to develop a versatile camera control system for diverse visualization modalities, including FICE, within a stereoscopic scope environment. This required accommodating various research teams’ needs while ensuring seamless integration and control over the image signal processing pipeline. It also required balancing technical complexity with user-friendly interfaces for surgeons and technicians.

The Complexity
  • Flexible Camera Control: Needed a powerful and flexible camera control unit to accommodate various visualization modalities like FICE.
  • Stereoscopic Scope Environment: Required building in a 3D stereoscopic scope environment, presenting technical challenges.
    Integration of Advanced Visualization: Separate path required for advanced visualization, with seamless integration post-processing.
  • Multiple Development Teams: Various development groups needed to utilize the same control unit for diverse research objectives.
  • Control Points: Each dev team required control over image signal processing pipeline and scope controls for tailored research.
  • User Interface Design: Balancing complex controls for developers with user-friendly interfaces for surgeons and technicians.
  • API vs. User Friendliness: Developers prioritized API functionality, while end-users required intuitive interfaces compliant with usability standards.
  • Long Project Timeline: Spanned over 4-6 years with significant changes in approach and business decisions.
  • Resource Management: Aligning R&D efforts with commercial product goals amidst evolving business strategies.

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