Orthopedic Mapping and Correction Software

The Challenge

A successful MedTech startup partnered with Vantage MedTech to develop a comprehensive system for orthopedic mapping. Vantage MedTech designed a complete feature set, including a Web Application, Cloud Backend, Firmware and Hardware. Each of these were a ground up design effort, completed and documented with the Vantage MedTech Quality Management System.

The Complexity
  • Vantage MedTech partnered on the development of mapping software that communicated wirelessly with the surgical tool, allowing the surgeon to receive immediate intra-operative feedback.
  • Vantage MedTech took clinical feedback from Key Opinion Leaders when engineering the Graphical User Interface. Vantage MedTech made use of on-demand color palette shifting in order to approximate previous software tools employed by surgeons.

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