Advantage Platforms®
Can Expedite the Journey

Leverage our proprietary platform architecture as a foundation you can build upon for your next technology- reducing development timelines by 60%.

Still determining your system specification needs? We offer leasable platform systems to validate your assumptions on the bench and in-vivo.

The Advantage Platforms®

The Advantage Platforms® Process

Explore how our proprietary platforms and our approach can expedite the journey to commercialization

  • Established hardware and software architecture
  • Broad range of platform base systems available
  • Customize based on your clinical specifications
  • Technologies to enhance performance and connectivity
  • Leaseable systems to support feasibility
  • Team of experts to support you each step of the way

The Advantage Technologies™

AdvantageUI™ User Interface Framework

A customizable and clinically validated software framework to leverage in building your product’s user interface

Impart™ Smart Chip Technology

An embedded chip that provides a safeguard against unauthorized reuse of disposable devices while also providing storage of custom therapeutic content

AdvantageConnect™ Remote Connectivity Solution

Our connectivity solution to bring remote wireless connectivity to your product

Leveraging our Advantage Platform® capabilities can get your technology to market 60% faster!

Our leasable pre-existing base platform systems are customizable to match your vision.

Discover What Makes Vantage MedTech Stand Out

Our Vantage point is gained through our proprietary platforms, deep expertise in specific therapeutic areas, complete life cycle solutions and decades of experience, helping you see the way to success.