Cooled Radiofrequency Ablation System for Bone Tumors

The Challenge

Redesign of a predicate device, that would allow the client to make a disruptive entrance into a single-competitor market.

Our team developed a new generator form factor that was compact and featured a touchscreen user interface, a peristaltic pump system for cooled RF and connector hub for seamless integration with several disposable options.

Leveraging AdvantagePlatforms® and Advantage Technologies, the first broadly commercialized Cooled RF system for bone tumors was developed.

The Complexity
  • Simultaneous dual probe ablation that is predictable and creates large ablation zones
  • Touchscreen user interface with customizable settings and real-time temperature and procedure progress charting
  • Smart chip technology that would set ablation settings based on four different sizes of probes
  • A closed loop water cooling system
  • USB field upgradable
Cooled RF Ablation- Bone Tumors

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