Pain Medication Delivery System

The Challenge

The client approached Vantage MedTech with a critical need to address pain medication delivery for patients with spinal injuries. They faced a significant problem with their existing Class III pain medication delivery system, particularly the outdated Clinician Programmer’s limited user interface and cumbersome navigation.
The client required a complete redesign of the Clinician Programmer while maintaining compatibility with the existing communication method to interface with the implantable pump.

The Complexity
  • Outdated technology in the predicate Clinician Programmer and the need to maintain compatibility with the existing communication method posed significant constraints.
  • The project had to meet strict regulatory requirements, and time to market was critical, adding pressure to the development process
  • For the Clinician Programmer, we conducted a complete redesign, incorporating modern user interface elements and updated electrical hardware. We ensured that the device could still interface with the implantable pump using the existing method.
  • For the Patient Therapy Controller, we streamlined the design and utilized cost-effective LCD displays, maintaining communication compatibility.

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