Patient Fluid Pumping System

The Challenge

CT Injectors are used to precisely administer contrast media into a patient’s bloodstream to enhance the image quality obtained in CT (CAT) scans. Vantage partnered with Bracco on their Empower Contrast Injection System to develop a quality user experience. Vantage designed a logical and intuitive workflow that still presented a visual feel that promoted the recognizable and respected Bracco brand.

The Complexity
  • Users of the previous edition complained about difficult navigating the system. To combat this Vantage created an ordered landscape with zones allocated for related elements such as commands, status information, warnings and alerts.
  • User error had been dangerously high in previous renditions. Vantage reduced user error by limiting user input options and restricting input to the minimum information required for the task at hand.
  • To close the design development loop, Vantage conducted human factors testing with potential users in order to evaluate the safety, usability, and effectiveness of the UI (Heuristic evaluation).This allowed Vantage to elicit live feedback from key users and create a more effective UI.


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