Spine Fusion Simulator II

The Challenge

A spine fusion stimulator uses a non-invasive electric treatment which helps promote the body’s own natural healing process following spinal fusion surgery. Our client wanted a device design that would improve patient compliance by addressing both the physical and emotional needs of the user: the patient must wear the device continuously in order to achieve maximum bone growth results.

The Complexity
  • The device’s simplicity, compactness, comfortable shape and stylish appearance makes it more likely for patients to comply with their prescribed treatment regiment.
  • The simple, intuitive user interface required a number of iterations to resolve usability and human factor challenges.
  • The contoured shape is comfortable against the body and in the hand and also facilitates removal from the belt clip.
  • Redesigned from the ground up, the device is discreet, small, and unobtrusive, with consumer product styling cues that belie it’s medical function.

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